Vidcinity App download for iPhone & Android

Vidcinity is one of the most innovative and different app that is mainly developed for iOS devices. Although this app did not become a huge hit which it deserves, it still is one of the app which carried a cool idea. In this article we will be discussing everything about this app and the best method to download Vidcinity for iPhone and Android.

vidcinity app download for iphone and android

What does Vidcinity do?

Vidcinity is used to see recent happenings/history of any place. for example, if you are at a place and you see something special happening there, like a group of people dancing or anything different, then what you should do is capture the video of that special moment on your vidcinity app. Which will automatically send the video to everybody having vidcinity app nearby the area along with the precise location at which the video is captured, so that they too can come and see the event and enjoy if they want.

And another feature is, once you capture the video on your vidcinity, it will be permanently saved on the app and anyone who comes through that way later can see your video and enjoy it. Through this people can see the amazing things happened on the place they are standing.

Vidcinity app for iPhone

vidcinity is engineered to run on iPhones and other iOS devices. its Available on iTunes for free. You can just download vidcinity from there like any other application.If you are newbie and don’t know how to do it, then read and follow the steps given below.

Step 1: Open your iPhone or iOS device, And in the app gallery search for “iTunes” app and open it.

Step 2: When its opened, you will find a search bar in the app, Type “Vidcinity” there and click on search icon.

Step 3: No you will be on the download page of the app. Click on install and accept all the agreements and wait till the app is installed and an icon of vidcinity appears on your home screen.

That is it ! Now you can start using the application without any trouble.

Vidcinity for Android

Unfortunately vidcinity is not available for android, But still the developers had promised to release the application for android in some time. So we can surely expect the app to be available for android phones soon. Keep visiting this page for knowing about any update on this app, And don’t forget to share this with your friends on Facebook and twitter.

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